We specialize in that extra little bit. And that turns into something gigantic.

It’s not only possible to find peace of mind when moving the improbable across the country, with TA Services it’s a certainty. Because we go the extra mile.

Though we use industry-leading technology and innovation throughout our organization, it’s our people who we rely on. Our Customer Service team and our carriers are the very best at what they do.

We continue to be a leader in our industry by: 

  • Building a team dedicated to service and focused on the customer experience.
  • Investing in new Technology.
  • Providing an unending detailed analysis of cradle-to-grave supply chain solutions.
  • Overlaying supply chains to eliminate waste in terms of money
  • Working smarter through collaboration with our customers.
  • Extending your range and growing your industry through teamwork.
  • Thinking outside the box for all types of solutions.

Providing a wide range of specialized solutions:

  • Expedited: TA Services has a web of accelerated and advanced team carriers for when your product needs on time expedited delivery. Safety is paramount.
  • Project Freight: TA Services can provide solutions for projects associated with holidays, extreme weather, produce season, critical – time sensitive freight.
  • High-Risk/High-Value: TA Services has the experience to provide professional Security minded transport for high-value freight.